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Do you offer jackets, gloves, helmets or other accessories?
Loaner helmets are included in your rental rates. From time to time we may have a selection of helmets, gloves, and other accessories available for purchase. Please mention your requests during the reservation process.

What is your payment policy?
All reservations are on a prepaid basis, meaning we charge your credit card for the full rental, including insurance, plus State Sales Tax (6.5%), at time of rental. Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Do you deliver the bike? If so, what is the cost?
Unfortunately, insurance regulations and/or costs prevent us from delivering the bikes to your hotel.  We can usually provide return rides for you to your local hotel based on schedule and location.  Safe, 24 hour parking is available at our location.

What is your gasoline policy?
Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental rents motorcycles with a full gas tank. The vehicle needs to be returned full of gasoline upon return. Vehicles returned with a less than full gas tank are subject to a refueling charge minimum of $25.00. Renters may also prepay for gasoline, allowing them to return the gas tank empty. Please be advised Manufacturer recommends a gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental requires that you use premium grade fuel when fueling the bikes.

How are mechanical breakdowns handled?
Every renter is provided with an emergency telephone number at delivery. In case of a mechanical breakdown our staff will arrange for towing to our nearest repair facility.

What happens when I get a flat tire?
Flat tire damage breakdown is not considered mechanical breakdown. Every renter is provided with an emergency telephone number at delivery. In case of flat tire damage breakdown our staff will arrange for towing to our nearest repair facility. You will be responsible for the cost of that repair since it's considered a damage breakdown, not a mechanical breakdown.  The spoked wheels on the bikes mean tubes in the tires.  Fix a flat products don't work and cause quite a mess and more damage to the wheels. 

How old do you have to be to rent from Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental?
The minimum age to rent a motorcycle is 21 years. There is no age limit for passengers, however the passenger must be able to reach the passenger foot pegs of the bike.

What are the hours of operation?
Generally, we are open to serve our customers around the clock.  Bikes can be picked up as early as 9AM.  Daily rentals are due back before 11PM.

When two people are on one bike, does the insurance cover both of them? If two people are authorized to drive, do both need to buy insurance?
To be clear, medical insurance is not included (except in liability portion of coverage).  As for as your passenger, yes, when optional Supplemental Liability Insurance is purchased at time of rental. If two people are authorized to drive, do both need to buy insurance? Yes.

Does Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental rent bike’s one-way?
We do not rent bikes one way at this time.

Do you rent GPS systems?
Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental can provide TomTom GPS navigation devices for a nominal fee.

Do the motorbikes have a 12v plug to allow for a GPS to be powered from the bike?
Upon request, power outlets and mounts can usually be configured to any bike in the Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental Fleet.

Is the rental based upon a calendar day or rental day?
The bikes are available for pickup as early as 9AM daily.  The return time is before 11PM. On multiple day rentals, the term is 24 hours, but still need to be returned before 11PM on the due date.  For instance, on a two day rental, you pick up the bike at 9AM and return it the second day before 11PM.  We have found this to be the safest way to keep the bikes in top shape and safe for everyone.   

Can I take a rented Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental Motorcycle across International borders?
Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, any Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental is limited to the country it was rented in. Bikes are not allowed out of the country they were rented in. Any bike taken out of the country it was rented in will be voided of the rental agreement. The renter will be entirely and solely responsible for the bike and associated liability.

Is there a place for me to store my luggage while renting a Bike from Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental?
Yes, MCMR will store renter’s luggage, free of charge. Modern Classic Motorcycle Rental does not assume liability for the luggage or contents, but will secure it during your rental period.

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